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The Journey with a 350W Bafang mid drive is our least expensive internally geared bike.  All the comfort and safety features that have made Day 6 so popular plus an internally geared Nexus7 hub and a mid drive motor and down tube mounted lithium battery.

1.  Start with a Journey in Metallic White or Charcoal

2. Choose your size:  Small (5' to 5'8), Large (5'7 to 6'2), or Extra Large (6'1 to 6'10)

3. The Journey only comes with the 350W Bafang mid drive

4. Choose a 11.6Ah, 14.5Ah, or 17.5Ah down tube mounted lithium battery

5. If you want, upgrade the drive train to a Nuvinci N380

Journey Electric
Journey Small Chart

Journey Electric

Contact your local Day 6 Dealer or give us a call to order the electric Journey.


  • Battery attaches/locks to down tube with key
  • 350W Bafang mid drive motor
  • 48V/11.6Ah, 14.5Ah, or 17.5Ah Lithium battery
  • 25-40 mile range with NO pedaling at 17 mph on the flat (range will vary with rider input, weight, and terrain)
  • 6 hour charge time
  • 800+ charge cycles
  • Tires:  Kenda Kwest  26x1.75
  • Brakes: Tektro Rim
  • Rim:  Alloy Double Wall Front and Rear
  • Frame:  6061 Aluminum
  • Spokes:  14 guage stainless
  • Crankset:  ProWheel
  • Chain ring:  ProWheel 36
  • Shifter:  7 Speed Shimano Nexus Trigger
  • Hub:  Shimano 7 Speed Nexus
  • Stem:  UNO, alloy, adjustable, 90mm
  • Weight Capacity:  300 Pounds
  • Weight: 53 pounds
  • Wheel Base: 52"

New Features Starting 2017:

  • Heavy Duty Adjustable Kickstand
  • Weight Capacity Increase to 300 Pounds
  • Stronger Backrest Hardware
  • Brakes Upgraded to Tektro
  • Redesigned Frame allows Battery to be placed between Downtubes
  • Disc Brake Mounts for Future Upgrade
  • Seat Pan Holes for Installation of Rear Lights

Frame Sizes:

  • Small: Fits People from Approximately 5' to 5'7 (up to 28" inseam)
  • Large: Fits People from Approximately 5'7 to 6'2 (28" inseam - 32" inseam)
  • Extra Large: Fits People from Approximately 6'2 to 6'9 (32" inseam - 36" inseam)
  • All sizes approximate as everyone is different.
  • It is always best to test ride before buying if possible.
  • There should never be more than 5" of seat post showing between top of collar and bottom of horizontal backrest tube.  See example here.


  • Metallic White
  • Metallic Charcoal

Journey Electric Colors

The following parts are proprietary and custom designed by Day 6.

  • 16" Contour Seat is injection molded and designed to support all of you
  • Contoured Ergo S'port Backrest with lumbar support fits perfectly
  • EZ Reach Handlebars eliminate leaning forward
  • U First Frame provides easy exit and entry and relaxed sitting