One of the great things about bicycles is you can do so many things with them.  Except for the frame, virtually every part can be modified, painted, upgraded, replaced, and customized.

Here is a partial list of things you can get when ordering a new Day 6; or, you can modify your existing Day 6:

1.  Custom Color. 

We work with a local powder coater with years of experience.  We can sandblast your current bike and powder coat it with about any color you desire or we can powder coat a raw frame for your new bike.  Powder coating is extremely durable and our turn around time is just a few weeks.  To see a list of colors to choose from, go to


2.  Components. 

Cranks, tires, seat posts, pedals, derailleurs, shifters, brake levers, grips, kickstands, disc brakes, wheelsets, chain rings, ……  everything can be upgraded or changed per your preference.


3.  Accessories. 

We supply a wide range of front and rear baskets (powder coated with your favorite color), panniers, trunk bags, fenders, rain covers, etc.

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4.  Decals. 

We keep the Day 6 decals on the down tube but you can change the colors and we can design any kind of decal you want (flowers, puppies, virtually anything) for the top tube or any other place on the frame.  Decals are applied and then the frame is clear coated.


5.  Leather. 

We offer leather seat covers and backrest covers for a remarkable feel and look.


6.  Electric. 

We can equip your Day 6 with a variety of Bafang mid drive motors, including 350, 750, and 1000 watt motors.  These can be paired with a variety of batteries depending on your riding preference, pedaling strength, and the type of terrain where you will be riding.

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“I purchased an electric bike from Day 6 Bicycles located in Iowa. I did not know what to expect as I previously rode non-electric bikes of normal configuration and was experiencing discomfort mostly with the seat and handle bar set up, which lead to me riding less and less over time. After riding my Day 6 electric bike the joy of bike riding has returned. The semi recumbant configuration is an “A plus” design, combined with the seat, back rest and handle bars I am experiencing no discomfort no matter how long I ride. Then add the electric motor and even more joy returns to bike riding. It can be windy, there can be hills and with an assist from the electric motor and all those things just vanish. I am riding all the time, for longer distances and getting way more exercise than I could have imagined putting up with the discomfort of my regular bike. One of the best purchases I have made for my health and well being!”

Steve B. – MN

“Hi Kelly,

I absolutely LOVE the Day 6 Dream SL21. It is faster going up hills than any recumbent bike I have ever owned – and far more comfortable than any upright bike or “comfort” bike too. It’s a joy to ride, and I can’t wait to get home from work so I can ride it. Once I get a handlebar bag for it, I’ll start riding it to work (roughly 16 miles one way).”

Jane B

“I love my bike I got a few years ago! What I love is this bike allows me to ride after two knee replacements, four spine surgeries, a broken hip, and two shoulder replacements! What other bike can do that!”

Veronica, Illinois

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