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The Journey350 utilizes the Bafang350W mid drive, the robust Nexus 8 internally geared hub, and Tektro disc brakes.   

Easy shifting, mid drive power, powerful batteries, and Day 6’s trademark comfort combine to make the Journey350 one of the smoothest and most comfortable e-bikes ever. 

   (If you are over 275 pounds, upgrade to the Samson Ebikes.) 

   (The Journey350 does not come with a throttle as they add extra complexity to mid drives which can put extra stress on the motor.) 

How to order:  

1. Choose your color:  Turquoise (no XL), Red Raspberry, or Metallic Black

2. Choose your size:  Small (5′1 to 5’8), Large (5’8 to 6’3), or Extra Large (6’3 to 6’9)

3. Choose your battery: 14Ah  or 17.5Ah 

4. Choose our 16″ Contour Seat, 13″ Sport Seat, or 13″ Sport Seat HD if you are over 180 pounds.

5. Journeys only come with a 350w or equivalent mid drive motor from Bafang 

6. Call your local dealer or day 6 to place your order

Journey350 14Ah battery with sport seat. $3309

Journey350 17.5Ah battery with sport seat. $3449

With Contour Seat add $30

For XL add $70

Contact your local Day 6 Dealer or give us a call to order the electric Journey.

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  • Tires:  Kenda Kahn 26×1.95
  • Brakes:  Tektro Aries Disc/Mechanical
  • Disc Rotor:  160mm
  • Rim:  Alloy Double Wall
  • Frame:  6061 Aluminum
  • Spokes:  14 Gauge Stainless
  • Crankset:  ProWheel
  • Headset: Neco Sealed Bearings
  • Chain ring:  Lekkie 36 Tooth, Narrow-Wide
  • Shifter:  Shimano Nexus 8 Speed/Trigger
  • Hub:  Shimano Nexus8 Internally Geared
  • Stem:  Alloy, fixed, 90mm


  • Weight Capacity:  275 Pounds
  • Weight/Bike without battery: 47 pounds
  • Weight/Battery:  14Ah – 7 lb. 10 oz. and 17.5Ah – 9 lb. 4 oz. 
  • Wheelbase:  52″  (small 51″)

Frame Sizes:

  • Small: Fits People from Approximately 5’1 to 5’9 (up to 30″ inseam)
  • Large: Fits People from Approximately 5’7 to 6’3 (28″ inseam – 33″ inseam)
  • Extra Large: Fits People from Approximately 6’2 to 6’9 (32″ inseam – 36″ inseam)
  • All sizes approximate as everyone is different.
  • It is always best to test ride before buying if possible.
  • There should never be more than 5″ of seat post showing between top of collar and bottom of horizontal backrest tube.  See example here.


  • MB – Metallic Black
  • RR – Red Raspberry
  • TQ – Turquoise (not available in XL)


  • J350S-MB    Metallic Black  (SOLD OUT UNTIL SPRING 2021)
  • J350S-RR    Red Raspberry
  • J350S-TQ    Turquoise
  • J350L-MB    Metallic Black
  • J350L-RR    Red Raspberry
  • J350L-TQ    Turquoise
  • J350XL-MB    Metallic Black
  • J350XL-RR    Red Raspberry

The following are all proprietary Day 6 designs and Standard on All Day 6 Bicycles:

  • 16″ Contour Seat with dual density memory foam OR 13″ Sport Seat to more easily reach the ground and pedals.
  • Ergo S’port Backrest
  • Aluminum EZ Reach Handlebars
  • 6061 Aluminum U-First Frame