Learn more about the Bafang Mid Drive Motor

We have been converting Day 6 bicycles to electric for ten years and have seen a lot of designs come and go.  The Bafang mid drive motor system is one of the best products (not just motors) to come on the bike scene in years.   See for yourself why we are so excited about using these systems on the Day 6.

Bafang Mid Drive Motor Pricing

Includes Console, Touch Pad, Wiring Harness, Motor Cut Off Brake Levers, Cranks, Crank Bolts, Speed Sensor and Gear Sensor

350 Watt Motor


750 Watt Motor


1000 Watt Motor


Downtube Lithium Battery Pricing

Includes battery mount and charger

11.6 Amp/Hour


14 Amp/Hour


Upgrade your Day 6 to electric!

Contact your local Day 6 Dealer or give us a call to assist you in purchasing the right motor and battery for your Day 6.