Day 6 Electric

Mid Drive Motor Systems

We love Bafang Mid Drive Motors and have been using them for years. Mid drives utilize the gearing of the bike to produce great torque and speed. Mid drives are mounted low and centered on the bike for enhanced handling. Unlike hub motors, the Bafang Mid Drive Motor allows you to keep your existing wheels so there is no need to unplug wires when changing a flat. The motor allows you to ride further, ride up hills, and to keep up with faster riders. Bafang Mid Drive Motors will fit a wide variety of bicycles. Pedal assist has 9 or 5 power levels. Controller is internal so no extra mounting on frame.


These systems include everything you need to convert your Day 6 (or most other hybrid/comfort bikes) to mid drive power.


All systems include the following:


  • Motor for 68mm bottom bracket
  • Color display
  • Installation instructions
  • Thumb pad
  • Motor cut off brake levers for mechanical brakes
  • Wire harness that fits the Day 6 and most other standard bikes
  • Speed sensor
  • Speed sensor extension
  • Motor dampening rubber
  • Shrink tubing
  • Wire ties
  • Wire beauty wrap
  • Battery
  • Charger
  • Battery cradle
  • Two keys
  • 42 or 36 tooth Lekkie chain ring (350W – Dreams/derailleur bikes)
  • 36 tooth Lekkie chain ring (350W – Journeys and IGH bikes)
  • 42 tooth heavy-duty, alloy, Bafang chain ring (750HD)

Our batteries are 48V and utilize Samsung cells, Reention cases with greater strength and 5 discharge pins, Anderson connectors, and come with two keys.  14Ah comes with a 2 amp charger.  17.5Ah comes with a 4 amp charger.