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The official bicycle of 6’5″, 287 pound, 18 year NFL veteran and 7 time Pro Bowler Lomas Brown and 6’10”, 380 pound, 19 year NBA veteran, Piston’s power forward and World Champion Rick Mahorn.

Rick Mahorn
Rick Mahorn

Lomas Brown
Lomas Brown

With a beefed up frame, the Samson E-bike can hold up to 400 pounds and is powered by a 750W Bafang HD (heavy duty) mid drive motor and a 17.5ah battery.

The Samson is the perfect E-bike for those wanting extra weight capacity or who just want the best Ebike period.  There is nothing else like it.

How to order:

1. Start with a Samson in Metallic Black, Nautical Blue, or Red Raspberry.  (No Red in XL)

2. Choose your size:  small (5′2 to 5’8), Large (5’8 to 6’3), or Extra Large (6’3 to 6’10).

3.  Choose your cushion: 13″ Sport Seat HD 16″ Contour Seat.

4.  Call us or your local dealer to place your order.

Samson Electric


Contact your local Day 6 Dealer or give us a call to order the electric Samson.

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Hub Motor versus Bafang Mid Drive
You can find volumes of information online about the differences between the two types of motors.  In my humble opinion, the mid drive (MD) is like a Porsche and the hub motor (HM) is like a Toyota.  The MD utilizes the gearing of the bike so you can climb and go fast.  When you shift down, you pedal faster and the motor spins faster; just like your car.  You and the MD are working together.  If you break the chain on a MD, you can’t move.  The flipside to the MD – because it uses the gearing of the bike – is when a rider doesn’t shift through the gears like they should, it lugs the motor down (electric motors like to spin fast) and can burn out the controller.  If you keep your cadence up and use the gears, the MD is golden.  If you want to be lazy and ride it like a motorcycle, you will be in the repair shop.  I have ridden MDs for 8 years and have never burned up a controller.  I am also 175 pounds and in good shape.  Heavy riders must pedal and shift through the gears.
One advantage of the HM is its reliability.  (like a Toyota)  You can abuse them and they will keep on running.  They are quieter than the MD.  If you break the chain when using a HM, you can still move because the wheel is driven by the motor laced into it versus being driven by the chain like the MD.  The HM is like having a car stuck in 3rd gear.  The way it moves faster is to give it more juice.  The HM does not take advantage of the gearing of the bike like the MD so it is not as efficient but that is offset by the fact that the HM allows you to keep all 24 gears.
If you want more of a biking experience and shift through the gears, the MD is probably the way to go.  If you want more stealth and reliability, then the HM is probably the way to go.  Like chocolate and vanilla, they both have their advantages and disadvantages.


  • Battery attaches/locks to down tube tube with key
  • 750HD Bafang Heavy Duty 750W Mid Drive with 1 year warranty or 750W Direct Drive Hub Motor with 1 year warranty
  • 17.5Ah lithium ion battery
  • 25-40 mile range at 17 mph on the flat with no pedaling (range will vary with rider input, size, and terrain)
  • 6 hour charge time
  • 800+ charge cycles
  • Brakes: TRP Spyke, 180mm rotor
  • Tires: Kenda Kahn  26×2.35
  • Shifter:  Shimano Acera Trigger
  • Derailleur:  Shimano Deore
  • Stem: Alloy, Fixed, 90mm
  • Headset: Neco, Sealed Bearings
  • Rims: Double Wall with Eyelets – 40 spoke
  • Chain:  KMC Rustbuster
  • Spokes:  12 Gauge Stainless
  • Cassette:  Shimano 11-32
  • Front Chainring:  44 tooth


  • Weight:  55 pounds
  • Weight Capacity:  400 Pounds
  • Samson seat struts for extra stability

Frame Sizes:

  • Small: Fits People from Approximately 5′2 to 5’10 (up to 31″ inseam)
  • Large: Fits People from Approximately 5’8 to 6’4 (29″ inseam – 34″ inseam)
  • Extra Large: Fits People from Approximately 6’3 to 6’10 (33″ inseam – 37″ inseam)
  • All sizes approximate as everyone is different.
  • It is always best to test ride before buying if possible.
  • There should never be more than 5″ of seat post showing between top of collar and bottom of horizontal backrest tube.  See example here.


  • Metallic Black – MB
  • Nautical Blue – NB
  • Red Raspberry – RR  (not available in XL)

The following parts are proprietary and custom designed by Day 6:

  • 16″ Contour Seat with dual density memory foam OR 13″ Sport Seat to more easily reach the ground and pedals.
  • Contoured Ergo S’port Backrest with lumbar support fits perfectly
  • EZ Reach Handlebars eliminate leaning forward
  • U First Frame provides easy exit and entry and relaxed sitting

Rick, Lomas and Kelly
Rick, Lomas and Kelly
Lomas Brown
Lomas Brown