Day 6 BicyclesOver the years, we have found that people love the geometry of the Day 6.  And why not?  It eliminates leaning over the bars, it allows your feet to reach the ground, and it allows you to use a backrest and a wider seat.

We have also found that the vast majority of people love our backrest.  Unlike other backrests on upright bicycles, the Day 6 Ergo S’port backrest is soft, contoured to fit your lumbar area, and it is adjustable horizontally and vertically..

Seats, however, are another thing entirely.

Some people want them wide, some want them narrow, some want them hard, some want them soft.  Everyone has a different opinion.  Because of that, we are introducing several seat choices for the Day 6:

Contour Seat

The Contour Seat is our current, standard seat which most people like – but not everyone.  Its 16″ width has great support and the nose provides stability without putting pressure on your privates due to the design of the Day 6 frame.  It is pretty awesome when compared to what most people have been sitting on for years.  In 2019, the Contour Seat will utilize two densities of foam making it even better.




Bench Seat

The Bench Seat is now available but read on before buying.  The Bench Seat is generally for people with medical conditions who can not tolerate any pressure on their privates

It accomplishes this quite well but most people feel like they are sliding forward and you can definitely slide to the side when you hit a bump on a corner because there is no ‘nose’ to stabilize you.  We highly recommend you try the Bench Seat before buying.  It makes a great bleacher cushion and we sell those without the rigid insert.





Serfas EX-RXL

The Serfas EX-RXL is a new cushion we will be providing our customers.  It is about 11″ wide and firmer like a traditional bicycle seat.  It has dual densities of foam, a layer of gel, and it flexes when pedaling so it may be a good choice for you.  Because it has a traditional design, the Serfas allows your feet to reach the pedals and the ground easier than the wider Contour and Bench Seats and may be a good option for those who need more control.  Again, best thing is to try one before buying.





Sport Seat

Sport Seat

The last option is our new Sport Seat.  It really combines the best features of the Serfas and the Contour Seat.  It is 13″ wide so gives great support but it has a swept back front like a traditional bicycle seat so it allows your feet to reach the ground and pedals easily.  It will feature two densities of foam so it will feel soft to the touch but have a rigid foam in the bottom to keep it from bottoming out. The Sport Seat will be available in October 2018 in a single density version.  A dual density model will be available Spring of 2019.