Day 6 BicyclesOver the years, we have found that people love the geometry of the Day 6.  And why not?  It eliminates leaning over the bars, it allows your feet to reach the ground, and it allows you to use a backrest and a wider seat.

We have also found that the vast majority of people love our backrest.  Unlike other backrests on upright bicycles, the Day 6 Ergo S’port backrest is soft, contoured to fit your lumbar area, and it is adjustable horizontally and vertically..

Seats, however, are another thing entirely.

Some people want them wide, some want them narrow, some want them hard, some want them soft.  Everyone has a different opinion.  Because of that, we are introducing several seat choices for the Day 6:

Sport Seat

Sport Seat

The Sport Seat is a generous 13″ wide, is made with a high density injection molded foam, and the front edges are swept back more than the Contour Seat so you can more easily reach the ground and the pedals.  The Sport Seat fits a wider range of people and works well for those with hip problems or balance issues due to the ease of pedaling and reaching the ground.

The Sport Seat is good for people up to about 180 pounds.



Sport Seat HD  (high density)

Same size and shape as the Sport Seat but the HD utilizes a higher density foam base with a memory foam layer on top. Designed for people over 180 pounds.

We are encouraging our dealers to have one of each in stock so you can choose which one works best for you.

Contour Seat

This is our luxurious, 16″ seat with a firm and soft layer of memory foam.  If you were going to just sit on it all day, this would be the ultimate cushion.  However,  we have found that for some people, the larger size can inhibit the down stroke depending on the size of the rider’s legs and configuration of hips.

The wider Contour Seat is not for everyone.  For others, however, it is a must-have seat that makes riding a bicycle a possibility again.  It really comes down to personal preference and trying them out.  The seats are interchangeable so it is easy to swap them out.

We sell about 55% Sport Seats and 45% Contour Seats.

If you are not sure, the best bet is to try them both.

For some people, a wider seat like the Contour Seat can inhibit their downstroke depending on their size and the configuration of their hips.  For others, the wider Contour Seat is a must-have seat that makes riding a   bicycle a possibility again.  The seats are interchangeable so it is easy to swap them out for trial purposes.