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Custom Electric Samson with Vee Speedsters for Sale

  • 750W Bafang HD motor
  • 17.5Ah Battery
  • 26×2.8 Vee Rubber Speedster on Front
  • 26×3.5 Vee Rubber Speedster on Rear with Custom Fat Rim
  • Small size fits people with up to 30″ inseam.
  • Red Rasberry
  • We have had multiple requests for wider tires on the Samson and we wanted to try them out before giving the go ahead.
  • The verdict is the wider tire works great; especially on the rear as there is a bit more weight on the rear of a Day 6.
  • The ride is super smooth and they look amazing as well.
  • MSRP is $3999.
  • Demo Price with 30 miles: $3499
  • Shipping is $199.