"Day 6 is the bike that can do just about anything."

"My old bike was killing me."

"As a big man you want to feel comfortable and confident."

"I am an avid bike rider and the Day 6 is the best bike I ever had."

"I love everything about this bike."

"Day 6 enhances my ability to get in shape."

"When I got my Day6 all the issues I had with traditional bikes disappeared."



"Day 6 has provided me with years of enjoyment. I can actually get around. Despite my herniated disc problems, spinal stenosis, and a dropped foot, etc.; I can enjoy the open air and ride in comfort. The bike affords me the mobility I would not have without it. I can ride around the neighborhood, go shopping, etc. I cannot walk very far or for very long, BUT...I can ride for miles!

I have owned this bike for about 10 years (at least 10,000 miles!)...It has always been kept outdoors (in my carport) about 50 feet from salty Sarasota Bay and it still looks brand new. No rust and everything still works. Over the years I have only had to replace the brake cables and recently, the bench seat.

My Day 6 has made my life even more enjoyable. Great bike, Great company!"

Capt. Nemo, Longboat Key, FL

"I ride my Day 6 almost every day. I had it serviced this spring to replace a cable for the shifter; otherwise there has been no need for servicing.

Thanks for such a fine product. I would not be riding today if I still had to use my old bike with the high bar and drop bars. Just turned 70 and still enjoying the rides. Will be taking it to Nova Scotia for a vacation this summer.
Thanks for connecting. Best wishes!"

Steve, Massachusetts

"I bike for pleasure preferring distance versus speed. My standard street bike left me with a sore back, strained wrists and numb fingers so going any enjoyable distance turned pleasure into “pain”! My only choices forward were either a tricycle or a beach cruiser. After getting my Day 6 Dream 21 bicycle my bike life was born again. In the first 3 months I was averaging 100 miles a week. Currently I’m over 2800 miles in the last 8 months. Not bad for a retired lady who just got back into biking the year before. Praises for my Day 6 bicycle, I am a fan FOREVER."

Carla C, - Melbourne, Florida

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