There is a reason they are the most comfortable upright bicycles ever made!

Contour Seat

  • Contoured and 16″ wide
  • Height, depth, and angle adjustable
  • Incredibly comfortable high density foam

Ergo S’port Backrest

  • Adjustable with no tools
  • Lumbar support keeps spine aligned
  • Contoured and curved for lavish comfort

UFirst Frame Design

  • Inspired by the human frame
  • Low seat and step through
  • Feet easily reach ground
  • Easy on and off

EZ Reach Handlebars

  • Eliminates stress on wrists, neck, low back, and crotch
  • No leaning over handlebars
  • Upright sitting for better visibility


  • Built-in pouch for carrying lunch, wallet, keys, windbreaker, etc
  • Holds optional rain/sun cover

Three Frame Sizes

  • Small, Large, Extra Large
  • Fit people 5’0 – 6’11

Other Features

  • 26″ wheels for smooth handling
  • Aluminum frame and alloy components
  • 24 or 8 speed derailleur or 7 speed internal hub
  • Weight limit: 250 – 400 pounds
  • Electric available
Contour Seat and Backrest


Comfort and Safety


The vast majority of bicycles utilize a traditional frame that forces you to lean forward while sitting high on a skinny seat – OUCH!  Your upper body rests on your wrists and shoulders and much of your weight is on your crotch.


Your neck is bent awkwardly and the high bicycle seat leaves you vulnerable to falling while cornering, stopping and dismounting.


Inspired by comfort and safety, Day 6 bicycles change ALL of that with a U-First Frame that is unlike any other, our amazing 16″ Contour Seat, our luxurious Ergo S’port Backrest, and our ergonomically correct EZ Reach Handlebars.



Top 10 Reasons to Ride a Traditional Bicycle Rather than a Day 6


1. Sitting on a seat that is four times narrower than my butt just makes sense.

2. If I got a comfortable bike that I enjoyed riding, I wouldn’t have anything to hang on the bike hooks in my garage.

3. Having a backrest to support my lower back and provide extra torque would be cheating.

4. I sit most of the day on a wide, comfortable seat in my car and at the office.  Why would I want that on my bicycle too?

5. Leaning over the handlebars gives my wrists and neck a workout I couldn’t get in any other activity.

6. Not being able to pee after a long bike ride is nifty.  Numb hands are a close second.

7. Sitting high up on the saddle while leaning forward makes me feel like I could fly…….right over the handlebars.

8. If my bike was comfortable and safe I would ride more and be in better shape.  Who wants that?

9. A step through frame and lower seat is for old farts.  With my bike, I can put my falls on Youtube and impress my friends.

10. I would rather be miserable like everyone else than actually enjoy riding the bike.

Hear why 18 year NFL veteran Lomas Brown loves his Day 6!



“I have some physical limitations due to a pediatric stroke which resulted in some left side weakness. I wanted to let you know that I was finally able to purchase a Dream 8 bike at my local dealer today, and rode 45 minutes for the first time in years! It is by far the most comfortable bike. I am beyond thrilled to find a bike that will allow me to be active again.”



“I haven’t had much luck with bicycles. The posterior hurts, things quickly go numb and I’m bent way too far over to be anything resembling comfort. After much research I settled on the Day-6. I bought one as soon as it became available at my local bike shop. I was impressed as soon as I got on it for a test ride! Comfortable seat, nice back rest, ergonomically the best bike I’d ever ridden. On my second ride, the very first weekend I had the bike, I took it on a 17 mile ride. It wasn’t planned. The bike was so comfortable, I just didn’t want to turn around!! This was phenomenal. Normally I couldn’t ride a bike 15 minutes, let alone a couple of hours! Now I can go as far and as long as I want. Great bike and I Love it!! The downside is that now I need a bike rack for my car since it looks like, with the Day-6, I’m going to be doing a lot of riding! Thanks for making such a great product!”

Gulfport, MS


“Just a quick note to let you know that our two new Day 6 Bicycles are, literally, a “DREAM” come true!

We hadn’t been bike riding in a couple of years and were not looking forward to getting back on our traditional bikes and the anticipation of sore/stressed body parts. The design of the DREAM has addressed every aspect of the aforementioned concerns!

Simply said, they are a joy to ride and great fun! We are both 60 years old and feeling like a couple of kids when on our bikes.”

Thanks Day 6!
George and Mary

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