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Day 6 Bike Owner Testimonials

 “I had to completely give up bicycle riding due to arthritic neck coupled with bone spurs. The pain was unbearable. Accidentally found your company on line. Been riding for about a month. Absolutely no pain. I am shocked. I am 74 years old and have my life back.”      


“The Day 6 bicycle reduces low back compression, places the diaphragm and respiratory cavity in their most effective position during aerobic function, maximizes optimal pelvic and hip mechanics, reduces back strain because of hamstring facilitation, and allows reciprocal activity to occur without compensating as one does on the traditional bike frame to manage balance. I recommend the Day 6 bike to my patients and to physical therapists attending my courses. The support system, adjustability feature and the mechanical engineering allows those patients with neck, shoulder, and back strain to workout without increasing headaches, fatigue, fibromyalgic symptoms, muscular trigger point pain and joint inflammation.”

Ron Hruska, MPA, PT
Postural Restoration Institute™, Director

“I am continually amazed with my Day 6 bike. At 64 and overweight with chronic joint problems, I can’t comfortably walk one block, but I just got back from 40 minutes on my bike. The design is pure genius. Absolutely nothing hurts or is uncomfortable when I am riding. My bad back, hip and knee all are quiet and seem to enjoy the ride too. I have had this bike for about 5 years and love it more every time I ride it.”


“This amazing bike has saved me, mentally and physically, from ending up on the junk pile.   I do mostly urban riding, counting time on the bike rather than miles.  I was wearing out, could not continue riding my traditional bikes; then I found Day 6.  I’ve been riding it 3 years, and at 83 I expect to ride it into my end of days.  As I glide before sunrise through the quietude of Eugene, I can’t help but think how lucky I am to be riding this smooth shifting, back saving invention.  Even more, I was raised in eastern Iowa and the morning’s ride makes me think I’m young again.”

Keith in Oregon

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“My name is Al Brody, I run an organization called the Pikes Peak Area Bike Coalition here in Colorado Springs, I’m a retired Air Force officer, and I ride bikes every day.  I usually ride my Day 6.”

Day 6: The official bicycle of 18 year NFL veteran Lomas Brown and 19 year NBA veteran Rick Mahorn.

Bikes for big and tall people including professional athletes like Lomas Brown of the Detroit Lions

E bikes for the big and tall rider the Day 6 Samson model

Rick Mahorn formerly of the Detroit Pistons rides a Day 6 Bike

“When I got my Day 6, all the sudden, mostly everything (the pain) disappeared.” – Rick Mahorn

You would NEVER sit on a tiny 6 inch seat with no backrest at a restaurant or a ball game – So why in the world would you do it on a bicycle?!!

Day 6 is the ultimate crank forward.  Our 9″ seat post offset allows you to easily put your feet on the ground.  Anything less just leaves you barely touching.

Day 6 is the ultimate comfort bike.  Our 16″ seat and contoured Ergo S’port backrest combine for one incredible cockpit.  The truth is: even a 150 pound person needs a seat that is wide enough to fit their rear.   Day 6 is the only upright bicycle with a backrest.

Day 6 is the ultimate bicycle for big people.  All our bicycles sport a 16″ seat while the Samson also has dual struts and a 400 pound weight capacity that will comfortably support just about anyone!

Day 6 is the ultimate electric bicycle.  No other electric bicycle has the comfort of our seat and backrest, the ergonomics of our handlebars and frame geometry, and the safety of being able to reach the ground with both feet while sitting on the seat.

Day 6 Bicycles are the most comfortable semi-recumbent crank forward bikes available

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