Steve M.

“My wife and I have Day6 bikes for several years. Last year I put an electric motor on mine. This is absolutely the last bike you will ever need or want. It is simply fantastic, no pain or discomfort and so much fun to ride...I love this product and recommend for everyone.”

Steve B.

“After riding my Day 6 electric bike the joy of bike riding has returned. The semi recumbant configuration is an “A plus” design, combined with the seat, back rest and handle bars I am experiencing no discomfort no matter how long I ride. Then add the electric motor and even more joy returns to bike riding. It can be windy, there can be hills and with an assist from the electric motor and all those things just vanish. I am riding all the time, for longer distances and getting way more exercise than I could have imagined putting up with the discomfort of my regular bike. One of the best purchases I have made for my health and well being!”