Join the hundreds who are able to ride again!

Physical Therapist

Ron Hruska, MPA, PT Postural Restoration Institute™, Director


Sit on a seat - not a sliver!

Easy On
and Off

Reach the ground with both feet when stopped.


Day 6 Electric takes you faster and further!

Life Changing Benefits

Reduce Pain

Extended handlebars eliminate the stress on wrists, shoulders, low back, neck, and crotch associated with standard bicycles due to leaning over the handlebars.  This upright sitting position also improves balance, visibility, and breathing. 

Increase Safety

The lower center of gravity improves cornering and braking while the lower seat height makes getting on and off a breeze and allows you to reach the ground with both feet when stopped.

No more falling off to get off!

Maximize Comfort

Our adjustable backrest and wide seats (16" and 13") are contoured to give you unrivaled support and comfort on two wheels.  

Sit on a seat - not a sliver!

Enjoy Biking Again

Every Day 6 Bicycle includes either a 16" Contour Seat or 13" Sport Seat, our contoured and adjustable Ergo S'port Backrest, and our patented frame for exceptional comfort and ergonomics.

Lives Changed

80 years old and Day Sixing 6 days a week!


in LA

Best bike ever for a guy with a bad back. 3,000 miles this year!



The wide seat takes the cake, it is the best seat on the market and the backrest helps like 90% of the ride.



Before I got my Day 6 bike I had given up on biking.



Walking hurts, running is out of the question, but the unique design of the Dream 8 makes biking a possibility.


What I love is this bike allows me to ride after two knee replacements, four spine surgeries, a broken hip, and two shoulder replacements!



Just turned 70 and I would not be riding today if I still had to use my old bike with the high bar and drop bars.



One of the best purchases I have made for my health and well being!

Steve B.


Your bike is a near perfect example of what is missing from our market place right now.


Anne D.

"I could honestly write an entire book on how much I love my Day6 bike. It has given me so much joy! I noticed right away that I have a big smile when I am out on a leisurely cruise. I ride every chance I get. I’m going to retire in May, but until then I’m going to ride my Day6 to work everyday. I have saved so much money on gas and auto maintenance. It has been the best investment for my health and bank account."

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