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If you have a standard Day 6 and are thinking about going electric, you may want to keep your bike, convert it to electric, and save some money.

We offer 350W and 750W Bafang mid drive motors, 14Ah and 17.5Ah lithium ion batteries, and kits that include everything needed to fully convert your Day 6 to electric.

  • Chainring
    • 750W - 42 Tooth
    • 350W - 44 Tooth
  • Brake Levers with Motor Cutoff
  • Cranks
  • Color Display
  • Thumb Pad
  • Speed Sensor
  • Gear Sensor (750W Only)
  • All hardware, extension wires, harnesses, and custom parts needed for a complete conversion.

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Kit Features & Benefits

Kit Features

  • 9 power levels are controlled by pressing a button.
  • Gear sensor shuts down motor (750HD only) while shifting for smoother gear changes.
  • Color display comes with USB power port.





Mid Drive Benefits

  • Mid drive motor utilizes the gearing of the bike, allows you to change a flat without unplugging wires, and is low centered for improved balance.
  • The Bafang 350 is great for those who are active riders and want minimal weight but still want to zip up hills or have an extra boost.
  • The Bafang 750HD is for a heavier rider, those riding steep hills or whose health requires extra assist, or for those who just want to zoom up the hill!

Bottom Bracket Info

  • 350W motors have a 68mm shaft that fits a 2 5/8″ bottom bracket shell.  This motor fits Dreams, Journeys, Patriots, and older model Samsons.
  • 750W HD motors come with two different shaft lengths.  The 68mm shaft fits the same bikes as the 350W motor above, while the 100mm shaft fits a 3 3/4″ bottom bracket shell found on Behemoths and newer Samsons.


Battery Info

  • Batteries come in 14 amp hour and 17.5 amp hour (Large and XL only).
  • 14Ah battery gets about 40 miles on the flat with no pedaling at 17mph.
  • 17.5Ah battery gets about 50 miles.
  • Battery case by Reention locks to the frame with a key.




Changed Lives

This is the highest quality, best riding bicycle I’ve ever owned.

Gary Brown

I was wearing out, could not continue riding my traditional bikes; then I found Day 6.


in Oregon

Before I got my Day 6 bike I had given up on biking. It was just too painful on my knees and back.



Walking hurts, running is out of the question, but the unique design of the Dream 8 makes biking a possibility, and I am so very grateful for that.


This bike is exactly what I needed!  I am able to go on longer rides with no discomfort and there is no stress on my lower back at all.



I’m pushing 70 and thought I would be in pain for that long of a ride the next day. I felt great! No soreness in my legs, back, neck, arms or wrists...


This is absolutely the last bike you will ever need or want. It is simply fantastic, no pain or discomfort and so much fun to ride.

Steve Matthews

I have recently purchased the Day 6 ebike and it is the best bike I have ever owned. I am 76 and this bike makes riding a pleasure.


in MI

No pain or any other of the issues we used to have. Nothing but smiles now.



Life Changing


Knee problems, back pain or weight are common problems that make riding a bike challenging - let Day 6 be part of the solution! Matchless comfort that makes you anticipate the next ride.

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